How the Weather Changed at the HS Football Game in a Blink

Friday afternoon, Cupples Field on the South Side, right after school.

I went to my first High School football game in years!

The flag flew at half staff.   (There is a site that lists notifications to fly the flag at half staff.)

One minute it was blue sky and fluffy white clouds, the sun catching the gold dome of St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Church on West Carson Street.

A wind came up and the rain began to spit.  The temperature dropped.  The sky got dark.

I’d taken cameras for students to take photos outside of the classroom.  It was time to head home!

11 thoughts on “How the Weather Changed at the HS Football Game in a Blink

  1. Welcome to the world of high school football. This is my fifth year with three more years to go. I love your photos of the field with the church and the city in the background. Looks like it didn’t take long for those beautiful clouds to fade away to gray skies. I hope you still had a good time.


  2. An excellent series of photos. I noticed in particular how much the color of the sky changed from the first through the last photo.

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