Icelandic Bride

Although I’m back home in Pittsburgh, I saw this elegant bride in Reykavik on Saturday night. I’d just taken a photo of a dress in a window and walked while becoming wet in the sleeting cold rain. Just felt magical to see her. I hope she doesn’t mind .

Troll Fiord at Night on the Knitting Cruise

Powerful searchlights illuminated the rocks of the narrow passage of the Troll Fiord. Just as Carlos (Arne and Carlos) said it would be, It felt as if you could touch the walls as the ship passed through the Fiord.
AND then the our skilled ship Captain Tom-Rune Einarsen, turned around the MS FinnmarkenHurtigruten in the incredibly tight space
WOW. It was amazing. Neither a little precipitation nor darkness kept the Knitting Cruise group from experiencing this natural wonder. A little tricky to get sharp focus, though. What a night!!!
Click this link to see it by day and learn more about the Troll Fjord in Norway.

Brushstroke Clouds

Brushstroke fingers of clouds. Last evening in Berlin, I was walking to Kiez Eis to pick up special order of a pint of vanilla ice cream to accompany our dessert. My farewell dinner. Here’s what I saw at the end of the street. Like a hand of brushstrokes- clouds in the sky.

Two different street views of the fingers of clouds.