Almost Same Scene Shot from Inside and Outside the Building

After school I drove to a training in another high school and as I left the building I saw the scene through the windows.  An autumn afternoon.  Shot with the iPhone.  When I got outside I could see a vista with the houses perched on a distant hill.  But when I looked at both views, I felt the one through taken through the glass windows was the more interesting image.  And what was that I said about ALWAYS carry your camera?

Hmmmm. I just don’t seem to be able to follow my own good advice. Maybe I can return when the leaves fall from the trees.

10 thoughts on “Almost Same Scene Shot from Inside and Outside the Building

  1. You’re right (of course!) the windows frame the view rather than obstruct it. Taken together, they remind me of an old Victorian panelled screen.

  2. “Always carry your camera” (even an iphone camera) is sage advice indeed. I missed a super-interesting shot this morning because I didn’t have my phone on me. 🙁

    • Do as I say, not as I do. I have been kicking myself a few times as of late. Using the excuse of new job as the primary distraction. Just read a book of essays by photographers compiled by Will Steacy. Photographs Not Taken.

      • For a photographer, that has to be a tough pill to swallow. (Photographs Not Taken.) Talk about “the one that got away…”

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