Vampire’s Assistant at Midway Theatre, Forest Hills, Queens

A theatre lit up at night attracts my eye. (Is it theater or theatre? This sign ends in tre) I see theaters transformed and repurposed all the time so want to preserve the genre before they all disappear.

I shot the Midway Theatre  when I visited my sister in NYC and we went out to Queens on the subway to meet friend Matt and eat at Just Like Mother’s Restaurant. You can read a blog about the mostly Eastern European fare, see some Borscht-  if you click on the name.

I took this about three years ago (11/2009) but came across it when I was looking for a response to a weekly challenge and since theaters are a vanishing breed, I like to photograph them, read what’s playing.  Thought this was an interesting selection.  Always like to work on my night photography and think about how I would change the settings next time.

Midway Theater Queens

10 thoughts on “Vampire’s Assistant at Midway Theatre, Forest Hills, Queens

  1. Thanks for the shout out! Hope you liked Just Like Mother’s, too – and my local theater (I go there quite often).


  2. I see that United Artists is mentioned underneath. We used to have a great one in Louisville on 4th Street where there were about 6 theaters and they were all different, and in the ’60’s, we used to dress up to go see a movie and it was always a wonderful time. I especially remember seeing “The Sound of Music”, and I wanted to be Julie Andrews but couldn’t sing!! Oh, well! Yes, I, too, love the lighting in this photo today!


  3. Great photo, Ruth. As a boy, Mom would take us to a movie occasionally on a Saturday night. We’d walk to the theater and even though it was in the middle of a shopping area and all of its lights, that marquee stood out as if by itself, just as your photo shows. 🙂


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