What People Do in Their Car on the Way to Work

I’ve seen women brush on mascara at a red light, adjust the rearview mirror, apply lipstick.

Lots of coffee drinking. Dancing.  Singing.

Cereal eating. Bagel noshing. People talk on the phone.

Guess who found this shot last summer?  That’s right.  On the way to swim practice.

Granddaughter Anna (9). Remember her photograph of the pickup truck full of mannequin legs?  


“Look!  That guy’s brushing his teeth!”    

 (An electric/battery toothbrush!)  You just wonder where he would spit!

I had the camera in my bag and got it out as quick as I could.  My daughter-in-law was driving so that was good.

This is the shot I was able to get as we passed.  He was getting ready to exit.

Brushing Teeth while Driving

11 thoughts on “What People Do in Their Car on the Way to Work

  1. My husband sees the same person, on a regular basis, eating cereal driving to work. I wonder which hand they are using to actually drive the car???

  2. Yes, he may have put dozens of his fellow drivers in peril but at least his breath was minty fresh when he got where he was going to.

  3. Ew. I’m okay with people drinking coffee (or water, or soda, or some other reasonable beverage) or eating a non-messy food (like crackers, or a dry bagel, or nuts, etc.) while driving, but anything else feels too dangerous. Certainly not applying cosmetics, shaving, or brushing one’s teeth!

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