NYC Afternoon


Corey is filming his cousin Michael and his brother Justin is resting up for his ride.  Watched this effort for awhile.  They used to skateboard.  I talked to them and asked if I could put them on the blog.

Thomas Paine Park

And now it is Justin’s turn

Justin Jumps over the Stairs

Pizza  Man and Religious Statues

E Rossi Co doesn’t have any pictures of the new pope yet,  but are expecting delivery soon.

E Rossi Co Mosaic



Seems everyone is on some sort of device.


The hair color (above)  matches the shoes on the man below!


And a Fiat 500 but not sure what year?  Anyone??


Bleecker Street  West Village

Bleecker Street Women

On a cell phone while making a delivery.

Cell phone on bicycle

Good thing it isn’t the Sunday Times

Dog carries newspaper

23 thoughts on “NYC Afternoon

  1. A great set of shots around NYC, Ruth. Yes, everyone is on a device — even the guy in the poster behind the woman with the hair that matches the color of a pair of sneakers. I dunno but something tells me I’d like to enter the Rossi company and have a look around. 🙂

  2. My favorite is the apartment building with the fire escapes. The little statues were cute too.

  3. such fun, the yellow shoes and hair .. the bold riders, and the fiat looks older than 1968 …. everywhere i go everyone is on a device … what a funny world!

  4. I, too, have been enjoying the NYC series. Great photos of an interesting place. The statues got me…pizza along with all the saints!

  5. Visiting NY through your lens is wonderful. Passersby are still sporting their chic “winter” look. They seem totally unaware of the camera and consumed with their mission. Perhaps

  6. …will the pope be bigger than the cook-with-pizza ? I suspect his image will belong with the smaller saints on the lower level… this photo is pretty iconic of contemporary life and its values… pizza over the saints any day! I am not religious AT ALL – l just observe as an anthropologist would…

  7. I’m SO glad to see you enjoying your spring break!! The photographs of so many different aspects of New York. I’ve only been there once. I just wish your temperatures were warmer!! Everybody has had too much coldness. Have a wonderful visit with your sister — good seeing you both!!

  8. Great eye to catch the hair and shoe color similarities! And did you see that her phone was the same color, too?

    I laughed out loud at the caption of your last pic. What a hard-working pup! 🙂

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