NYC Locksmith and Metal Artist: Philip Mortillaro

Philip Mortillaro

Do you know how many times I have walked by this locksmith on 7th Avenue and it was always closed?  The intricate collage of keys always caught my eye.

Wednesday morning,  Mary and I were returning from the Post Office and the locksmith’s door was open.

Mr. Mortillaro was speaking with a customer. Mary walked on ahead but I signaled to her to wait.  After the customer left, I entered and although I’d photographed the facade on other occasions, I asked the proprietor if I might photograph him.  Mr. Mortillaro was totally welcoming and agreeable and here is the portrait I captured.  He told me he has been a locksmith since age 14!

The links to his website and a trailer of a video are found at the end of the post.

Keys Made Locksmith

Ket to Heaven

Although he says he is not religious, he has actually made St. Peter (a gift)  the Key to Heaven 

Complaint Department



Just like the New York Public Library-  Patience and Fortitude guard the entrance.

You can see a trailer to Mr. Mortillaro’s video Do Not Duplicate 

and visit his website to see his Metal Art

Do Not Duplicate Trailer

16 thoughts on “NYC Locksmith and Metal Artist: Philip Mortillaro

  1. Great and interesting post, Ruth. It’s amazing how bold we bloggers can be. Kudos to you for getting the whole 9 yards. 😀 I’m sure St Pater is going to love that ornate key.

  2. A great post, Ruth. You discovered a gold mine of photographic opportunities. I wonder if the reason he never seems to be open is because he’s helping people get into their locked homes, apartments, offices, and cars.

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