A Tribute to Cleo- A Much Loved Italian Greyhound

Sixteen in dog years is getting up there. 112. But no matter if a faithful dog is old or ill, she is going to be sorely missed.  She was well loved and cared for but she got sick and just couldn’t get better.

Cleo and her sister Xena, who passed on before, came as tiny puppies many Christmases ago to live with Donald and Marlene, my daughter-in-law’s parents. I heard the story that they were about the size of mice.   Cleo and Xena traveled to visit the family every visit.  And they would greet us eagerly when we all drove down to Virginia for Labor Day or Thanksgiving or Memorial Day weekends.

Italian Greyhounds grace many an oil painting or tapestry in the world’s museums.  This special dog, Cleo,was a much loved member of the family.   It’s a sad day.

Sympathy and love to you Marlene and Donald.  I know you will miss her terribly.


Xena and Cleo, sisters, in happier days


12 thoughts on “A Tribute to Cleo- A Much Loved Italian Greyhound

  1. so lovely to remember a special dog … loving relationships with animals are just as hard to lose as those with people … love to Marlene and Donald and all who miss Cleo 🙂

  2. I’ve never had a pet but I imagine its hard losing an animal that has been such a big part of one’s life.

  3. My heart goes out to Ericka’s parents. I can’t imagine the emptiness they are feeling. Please give them my sympathy

  4. Such cuties. It’s a sad reality that we humans almost always outlive our beloved pets. Having lost several animals as a child, and one as an adult, I know the pain of this loss. My thoughts go out to Marlene, Donald, and the rest of the family.

  5. Unconditional love – such pain losing a best friend. My thoughts are with Marlene, Donald and all the family.

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