Sure Sign It’s Spring

Bloomfield Bridge Tuesday afternoon waiting at the red light I looked next to me and saw a vision.
Top down on a shiny brightly colored convertible.
A definite change in the weather and I took it as a sure sign that Spring is finally here. (it’s a Murano by Nissan).


9 thoughts on “Sure Sign It’s Spring

  1. Great pic, Ruth. On Sunday, I saw a guy on the motorway in an AC Cobra. It had just started to pour with rain, so he was in for quite a soaking. 🙁

  2. Lookin’ good, Ruth. I’ve seen one person driving with the top-down in recent weeks. It wasn’t near warm enough and his passenger did not look near as happy as the driver.

  3. But where is the handsome guy that is supposed to drive it? in Italy they say that this seasons makes your blood “melt in your veins” … good-looking guys do too, even at my age… oh what a vision I envision…

  4. So after awful storms and unpleasant temps here in MN, they say we’ll be 70 this weekend. I really don’t want to skip over spring, and go right to summer, but I’m worried!

  5. I always think the sure sign of spring is students standing on corners smooching! While the birds sing overhead. the same driving force.

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