This Little Piggy- Wait, It’s THIRTEEN Piggies- Guest Blog by Marlene and Donald

Down on the farm in Virginia.  Mar said it was dark in the barn. Thanks for a fun guest blog. We don’t see this in the city!

Lots of new life appearing at your neighbor’s farm.

Springtime action in corrals and pens and barn.

See proud future Dad.      His “wife” is sitting on 17 eggs.        (Not sure if Turkeys mate for life like other species you hear about. hmmmm)

Future Thanksgiving Dinner?

Future Dad Turkey


Future Dad Turkey


Future Mom sitting on 17 eggs!





Turkey sitting on 17 eggs












Watcha Looking At?


Waiting for baby horses- another blog, another day





a litter of piglets eating lunch

 Click on Video below -A little dark in the barn.  That is if you want to see 13 new piglets scramble at feeding time.

11 thoughts on “This Little Piggy- Wait, It’s THIRTEEN Piggies- Guest Blog by Marlene and Donald

  1. Brings back memories of the summers I spent on kibbutz in Israel. As a city girl I had never seen anything like it. (There were no piggies on kibbutz, though). Those are some cute piggies

  2. Pre-Mother’s Day Post – perfect. Make’s me want to get out my old copy of Charlotte’s Web. Definitely puts a smile on your face.

  3. Great guest post, Ruth — and a cliff hanger! Will that little guy finally get to eat before Mama says, “No more!” and rolls over, or, will he be like the fabled 4th Little Piggy and get none?

  4. I can only imagine how difficult farm life is – I don’t think I’m cut out for it (from a physical or an emotional standpoint; after 20 seconds I couldn’t watch any more of the piggy video because I couldn’t bear to see that poor little guy struggle…) Interestingly, I saw a Facebook post about a baby piggy yesterday (rescued by the same organization where we got our current dogs). Piggy pics:

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