“Pittsburgh Recollections” a Mural by Romare Bearden

Port Authority Downtown Pittsburgh Romare Bearden Mural
Port Authority Downtown Pittsburgh- Gateway Center Station 
“Pittsburgh Recollections”Romare Bearden Mural

To see and read more about the mural painted by Romare Bearden  in 1984 click the article here.

Appraised at 15 million dollars.

Most people who pass by it on their daily commute,  probably have no idea.  It’s 60 by 13 feet.

I tried the panorama setting again on my new iPhone.





7 thoughts on ““Pittsburgh Recollections” a Mural by Romare Bearden

  1. Interesting photo. And a good place for art-piece. I like Metro stations as place where you can find exceptional art-pieces.

  2. That’s some mural but, you’re right, Ruth. Most of the commuters are in too big a rush to give it anything more than a quick glance, if that. Such a shame because it’s a real beauty.

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