Happy Father’s Day to my Son

Happy Father’s Day!

I’m a proud mom!  Here is my son Mark who is a wonderful father to Anna, Michael, Jack and Maura. (Excellent Mom Erika, too)


Maura comes home

Bringing Maura home November 2008

No matter the season…………….

Mark and Michael at Baseball

Coaching Michael

Jack sledding

Sledding with Jack

At the Pirates Game  Willie Stargell Statue- Mark with Anna and Maura       (and Grandma on camera)IMG_2444

PNC Park Pittsburgh PA

(and if you are new to following the blog you might enjoy this Father’s Day Tribute to my father)My father’s post from 201o-  90 Years in Not Quite a Minute-  Roy J. Hendricks b 1912-d 2002

Next Year the Grandfathers from both sides of the family. Thanks V.

17 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day to my Son

  1. Ruth the pictures were truly beautiful, and Mark has been raised well, and continues that legacy by being the father he has become. Just imagine how loved his children feel, and the beautiful fathers and mothers they will become from knowing there own : )

    Thanks you for this slice of humanity on an early Sunday morning. Happy Father’s Day Mark. You and Erika are making the world a better place everyday through your love.

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