Plitvice Lakes Park

The challenge for the week is curves.  Tour bus above in the National Park with all the waterfalls- Plitvice National Park – Croatia-

No guard rails on this curve!



Plitvice Lakes FallsPlitvice Lakes Park in Croatia   a curved walkway






Tree in Plitvice


I knew I had some back seat driver photos from my visit to Croatia and I was able to find a few.            Fasten Your Seat Belt!

Car Trip Croatia

Curved Gate

Curved Roof Tiles

Roof Tiles  in Istria

Tunnel Curve

Light at the end of the curvy tunnel- Croatia Car Trip

Ram horns

On Brijuni – Tito’s Personal State Summer Residence

Zagreb Fountain

Zagreb Fountain- the water a straight line but the curve of the back caught my eye

And Back in the States Kennywood Amusement Park a few years back

Anna at Kennywood Whip

Anna on the whip in Kiddieland Kennywood Amusement Park

Kiddieland Roller Coaster

Carousel Horse

Curved Carousel Horse

Kennywood2007 038

Pap puts Anna into the car on the curve at Kennywood – Is this the Turnpike?

Kennywood2007 172

Log Flume Ride Kennywood

Glass Ball 001

Glass Paperweight

33 thoughts on “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: Curves

    • Thanks Sue. The back looked curved to me so thought I would slip it into the gallery today. Have a great time at the wedding.

  1. You must’ve liked this challenge, Ruth. You really got into it. So many photos and each capable of nicely answering the challenge. Together they make an impressive gallery.
    Like your new avatar image. Very nice. 🙂

    • You are exactly right, John! I got into an old external hard drive with archived files and clearly didn’t stop myself! As soon as I read CURVES, I remembered sitting in the back seat on the Croatian car trip. As to the new avatar, I read that many people’s images online (FB etc) are not current. That was true for me. Guess new lines around the eyes and increased grays can’t compete with our high school photos. The new one is a month old. It was taken when one of my students won an award at the art show and I like how happy I look and felt at that moment.

  2. Stunning collection of curves for the challenge Ruth! I had to smile at the Zagreb fountain. So adorable indeed! 😀
    Thanks for sharing hon. *hugs*

  3. Delicious, Ruth. The Plitvice Falls drew me in and then I was off on a wonderful ride with you.
    I’m loving the variety in this theme. (my first thought was my extremely curvy daughter, but I resisted!) 🙂

    • Glad you fastened your seat belt and came with me, Jo. I am sure your daughter is grateful you restrained your urge to post her curves.

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    • Maybe it was my mood, the feeling of almost being free. MOnday the last day of school! Thanks for all your good comments on the blog and for taking time to look and write. xxooxx

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