Henry the 3 Month Old Airedale Puppy

Many people have a favorite dog breed.  In the list of the top ten most popular breeds in the USA, the top three are Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd and Golden Retriever. Forget the ranking, Airedales are tradition in my DIL’s family.

Henry, the 3 Month Old Airedale Puppy, is the newest member of the family.  He is exuberant and happy with all the care and attention he is receiving from everyone.  You’ve seen glimpses of him in a few posts.

Henry hails from Michigan (Aberdeen Airedales) and has already been in West Virginia and Virginia and resides in Ohio. He was really good on the seven hour ride to  Virginia!  Both ways so that racks up 14 hours in the van.

Mark was telling me about the Presidents who have had Airedales –  Scott Brown of Cerebral Caffeine blog wrote “After The Great War (World War I), the Airedales’ popularity rapidly increased thanks to stories of their bravery on the battlefield and, in America, also because Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, and Warren Harding owned Airedales.”

Although Airedales are not in the top ten most popular breeds in 2013, he is one popular little guy in the family.


Henry the Airedale Puppy

Can you see how big his paws are?

learning to maneuver the stairs

Learning to go down the stairs

Henry in introduced to his cousin Penny the Golden Doodle.

Golden Doodle and Airedale


Puppy Portrait

Henry in the grass

Each of the kids sat on Dad’s lap to help steer.

My DIL Erika took this one on her iPhone as Mark held Henry the Navigator at  Smith Mountain Lake Virginia

(Mark asked me if I remembered Toonces?)

Henry the Navigator

photo credit to Erika, guest contributor

Henry and his new family.

Henry and the Kids

Maura, Anna holding Henry, Michael and Jack in Hardy, Virginia.

24 thoughts on “Henry the 3 Month Old Airedale Puppy

  1. Awwww, he is absolutely adorable Ruth and the shots you took of him is so stunning!!! He looks so serious driving the boat..heheheh. Stunning post hon and thanks for sharing. 😀 *big hugs*

  2. This series of photos is a great way to welcome Henry into the family. He is one lucky dog!

  3. Great photos Ruth! He’s a cutie. Do you remember we had an Airedale, Minney, for many years? Last photo wonderful, such happy children!

  4. Oh fabulous. He is a happy handsome boy. Lucky to fall on his paws in a forever home as the rescue centres like to say. He looks intelligent too. I love GS’ puppies big paws, and now I am falling for Airedale pups’ paws too.

  5. Ruth, I love animal pictures and Henry looks like he’s going to be very cooperative posing any way you want him to! The kids look so happy and healthy. Be VERY thankful for that!

  6. Ruth, this was great. He is such a handsome addition to the family and he was such a good boy on the boat.

  7. Henry picked a good home for himself. We dog lovers all know that it’s the dog that picks us, not the other way around. Henry is a natural in front of the camera. Of course he’d choose a family with a photographer. 🙂

  8. Fab photos Ruth, and yes paws on the wheel made me smile, but my favourite is the “puppy Portrait”. My partner has a soft spot for airdales and from these photos I can see why – bags of character!

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