Tugs and Barges Passing at Dusk

IMG_3115Ohio River Sunday night.  We were visiting our Neville Island friends again. They live on the banks of the Ohio River.  We had a wonderful boat ride earlier and it was time for dinner.  Two tugs and their barges appeared up river and down river.  Our host pointed out the buoy that marked the channel and told us they both had to be on this side on it.  How would there be enough room?  As the sun was sinking we watched them approach one another, a horn blew.  It was a dramatic end of the day on the river.

Ohio River Fog Before Sunrise, Then Clear Reflections









Sunday morning I met my friend and her son to photograph his senior pictures at the boathouse where he rows.

It was foggy and felt like fall.

I could hear a tugboat chugging along the river but could just make out the lights. Not even an outline.

Then as the time passed the bridge was visible and the fog burned off.  It was a beautiful morning.Railroad Crossing in the Fog


Getting down to the river.







Pretty thick fog.

tugboat in fog

You can see the lights of the boat.




Can’t see the bridge




IMG_0678Front row seating on the Ohio River




IMG_1038 Visible bridge now.


IMG_1034Daylight burned off the fog




IMG_1052Like a mirror, barely a ripple




Ohio River Reflections

Sun and light, reflections.




Ohio River Reflections



Ohio River SkyOhio River Sky



Chairs on the RiverWith the fog burned off







Holy Family in a wishing wellWhat I saw when I drove home. Holy Family Wishing Well.


Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

When I saw the theme for this week on Sonel Corner’s blog, I knew I had to post a response.  If you click on the link to her blog you’ll see a wide variety of families from a musical instrument family to a family of Plovers and also a family of Vervet Monkeys.

I took this photo of my family over the 4th of July weekend when we were with Erika’s parents at Smith Mountain Lake Virginia.

Then converted it into black and white for the challenge. Certain shots seem to look better in Black and White. This one has minimal white.

ISO 100 f 7.1  1/400 with Canon 70-200 L series lens on a Canon 5D MarkII

Family at lake

You Know There’s a Story to This Scene

Boat Washed Ashote


Late afternoon photo of the abandoned boat

at Smith Mountain Lake Virginia

Earlier in the day photo of the abandoned boat.  I’d say it’s been there for awhile.

An assignment in photo class, take a photograph of the same scene at different times of day.  Check.

Abandoned Boat



Henry the 3 Month Old Airedale Puppy

Many people have a favorite dog breed.  In the list of the top ten most popular breeds in the USA, the top three are Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd and Golden Retriever. Forget the ranking, Airedales are tradition in my DIL’s family.

Henry, the 3 Month Old Airedale Puppy, is the newest member of the family.  He is exuberant and happy with all the care and attention he is receiving from everyone.  You’ve seen glimpses of him in a few posts.

Henry hails from Michigan (Aberdeen Airedales) and has already been in West Virginia and Virginia and resides in Ohio. He was really good on the seven hour ride to  Virginia!  Both ways so that racks up 14 hours in the van.

Mark was telling me about the Presidents who have had Airedales –  Scott Brown of Cerebral Caffeine blog wrote “After The Great War (World War I), the Airedales’ popularity rapidly increased thanks to stories of their bravery on the battlefield and, in America, also because Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, and Warren Harding owned Airedales.”

Although Airedales are not in the top ten most popular breeds in 2013, he is one popular little guy in the family.


Henry the Airedale Puppy

Can you see how big his paws are?

learning to maneuver the stairs

Learning to go down the stairs

Henry in introduced to his cousin Penny the Golden Doodle.

Golden Doodle and Airedale


Puppy Portrait

Henry in the grass

Each of the kids sat on Dad’s lap to help steer.

My DIL Erika took this one on her iPhone as Mark held Henry the Navigator at  Smith Mountain Lake Virginia

(Mark asked me if I remembered Toonces?)

Henry the Navigator

photo credit to Erika, guest contributor

Henry and his new family.

Henry and the Kids

Maura, Anna holding Henry, Michael and Jack in Hardy, Virginia.

Boy’s Best Friend

Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia.

Michael talks to 3 month old Henry, (the Airedale Terrier puppy) on the boat.

Henry wore a life jacket and did a bit of doggy paddle with the family but was glad to get out of the water and shake off.

Henry is losing his black puppy hair on his face and as Mark said today, he is looking more “Airedaley”.

Boy's Best Friend

Bruno’s Gastro Truck Near Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia

We had just seen the Ice Cream Float Boat on the lake.

Food trucks are hot, hot, hot these days.

Spotted Bruno’s Gastro Truck in the parking lot as we were stopping to buy a few rolls of duct tape at Capps Home Building Center .  Anna was going to make a duct tape wallet for her Dad’s birthday present.

We’d just been boating with the family with a rented pontoon boat on Smith Mountain Lake and we were headed back to Hardy, VA.  Next time we’ll have to try something to eat from this shiny truck.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

You’ve seen Ice Cream Trucks.  How about an Ice Cream Boat?

Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia. 500 miles of shoreline.

We were 35 miles from Roanoke. Celebrating Mark’s 36th birthday today.

Memorial Day Weekend with the family.  Rented a pontoon boat and enjoyed a hot summery day on the lake.

Ice Cream Boat

 Ice Cream Boat
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