New York City street shot from when I visited my sister last June.  

I was photographing people engaged with their technology-  they weren’t paying any attention to me or my camera   I think this woman was trying to get into the shade a bit to see her phone screen, reduce the glare.


Thoughts on style…………decorating, home, fashion, hair, writing-

What’s in style these days?

Have you ever been out of style?  

Did you ever cramp anyone’s style?

Do you know anyone whose style is stuck in another decade?        or maybe their style is making a comeback?

Who decides what’s in style or out of style?

What is  your style?


Money Can't Buy Style

10 thoughts on “Style

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever been in “style”. Even though I try (so as not to embarrass my children) I seem to be a step behind.

  2. I think style is about intention. We so often just put on clothes or write some quick emails or plunk flowers in a vase and set it on the table. Thinking about things, making thoughtful choices that’s true style.

  3. My style? Absent. I can so identify with that woman. Thankfully, today’s photos cost nothing to develop because I shoot extras whenever I’m in bright sun just in case the original wasn’t as good as I had hoped. Apparently, you’ve solved the problem because this is a great capture, Ruth.

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