Back Sleeper and the Rule of Thirds via Anna

Are you a back, side or stomach sleeper?  Anna texted me and sent this photo and said the lion is lying the same way as Henry (Airedale Terrier)          Maura (almost 5) her sister, asked her other grandma if this is how she sleeps!

See the different positions and suggestions at the Mayo Clinic site about sleeping positions. Back sleeping is supposedly good for back pain relief but not so great for snorers.

Photographed by guest blogger, granddaughter Anna (10) , at the Columbus Zoo Wednesday afternoon.  It’s always fun for me when my family contributes to the blog effort.

Last week I was teaching the HS photography students about the Rule of Thirds and even made a grid on a transparency so they could see the  lines splitting up the picture frame , get the idea.  Information on how they could compose the strongest photograph by knowing about this concept of composition.

The Rule of Thirds  comes to mind immediately when I look at Anna’s photo.  And she wasn’t even in the class.


Lion Sleeping on his Back



So went to check out The Lion Sleeps Tonight, original by Solomon Linda 1939 but covered by many famous singers and groups




10 thoughts on “Back Sleeper and the Rule of Thirds via Anna

  1. It’s always a pleasure to see a contribution for your Grandkids, Ruth. I think Anna has real talent. This photo is a good one. Loved Mara’s question, too! 🙂

  2. I hate sleeping on my back. I hate it even more when Hesh does because he’s a snorer. Did Anna say if the lion snored?

  3. I love Anna’s guest appearances, and I love the song reference, too!

    I’m a “rotisserie” sleeper: I start on one side, then slowly turn throughout the night.

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