Gallery of Veterans- November 11 Updated 2016

REgu Joanne Basden’s Father Top Left Corner
Don Anderson and Ed Kichi Sept 1966
Phu Bai, Viet Nam
Don Anderson and Ed Kichi
Quantico, VA 2011 Reunion TBS-4-66



Mike Kichi USMC   Sent by blog follower and friend and frequent commenter Toni Kichi


Martin H Cooper veteran World War II – European Theater –
(Sue Reinfeld’s father)
1st Plt, D Co. 39th OCC
John E. Hilliard Troop Transport 194This was a project I started and it is incomplete.  I am hoping to receive more photographs of Veterans you know and love to add to the gallery.
Orville Lee, 87 years old, who served in France during WWII. Orv is the heart and soul of our weekly retired group we call CAB (Coffee and Bagels). I hear he has beaten his sons climbing a rock wall recently.

Mike’s brother — Ed Kichi — 2nd from the left in the 2nd row. In above photo of the 1st Platoon D Co, 39th OCC

From Anne Hamilton- UK-

Charles Albert Kydd                     ” I thought Ruth might like the attached photo of my great uncle, the brother of my English grandmother (the one you met). Charles Albert Kydd was born in 1896. He went missing and I’ve also attached a document relating to this which I found in amongst my gran’s papers. Unfortunately I don’t know anything else – not even what regiment he was attached to.”

Thankfully he did survive the war and lived into old age!

To include those currently serving in the military  This photo sent by Sally Nauer of her son’s unit (Jonathan Nauer) neighbors at Ft. Knox in the seventies

In Afghanistan, (Back in USA 2012)
I hope you got the pictures of my favorite veterans – the first was my brother, Michael Cooper, who served in Vietnam in 1968 – Sue
Lt. Robert A. Bard, US Navy (22 yrs, 7 mos total service)

Email a photo of a veteran with name and information about service and I will add it to the gallery. rutheh at gmail dot comUncle Alan and familyMy Uncle Alan Hendricks (USA)

, Uncle Harold(USN)  My grandfather Floyd and grandmother Mary Alta and my father Roy J Hendricks

and my son Mark

Signed into Law May 26, 1954

Veterans Day.  More than a day off from school.   A day in November to honor all veterans- men and women in the military who have served.  And the correct spelling  “the attributive (no apostrophe) rather than the possessive case is the official spelling “  according to an article  “Apostrophe Sparks Veterans Day Conundrum”.  I had to look it up.  WWII, on the left my father’s brother Alan Ray Hendricks who “observed his 28th bday by flying a bombing mission  over Japanese-held Koror Island in a 7th AAF Liberator on which he is a gunner”.(old yellowed newspaper clipping)  Received the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Who do you know who has served? Scan and email a photo of a veteran you know , along with name and service and I will post a gallery of veterans.  Suzanne sent me her father-in-law and father and that sparked the idea.  rutheh at gmail dot com

Suzanne Colvin- “I’m attaching a photo of my dad, shot in Italy, where he served. His name was William Key (1921-2005); he was a Captain in the 5th Army in Italy.

21 thoughts on “Gallery of Veterans- November 11 Updated 2016

  1. Because my three brothers all served in WWII, I am a magnet for anything in print or on TV related to the WWII.My older brother flew three missions over France and Germany on D-Day and I have spent time since defining to my children exactly what D-Day was.

  2. I can just imagine a whole book about each of the pictures and you can be sure there IS one! For those who don’t know my son Jonathan, he is now back to the States with his unit stationed at Ft. Lewis, Washington.

  3. I’m a day late with comment – but what an idea!!
    Wonder if William Key knew Thomas Wells, my Uncle who also served in Italy 5th Army and was also an Officer??? He was born in 1906 so might have been a Major or Col.during WWll.
    As soon as 10-10-10 came along I realized it would be 11-11-11 next year!! And the “Armistice” was signed at Rheims at 11AM. Grandfather serving in that war. I still have trouble remembering that the Holiday is now called Veterans’ Day!!!

  4. So wonderful to remember. I was glad to see my neighbor, Orv Lee, in a recent phooto. He loves to talk about his WWII experiences at CAB and we all love to listen. He is a true inspiration to us all. Few WWII vets around and we cherish Orv Lee.

  5. Thanks for including my 2 favorite veterans. I’m glad the importance of this day is being celebrated around the country rather than just a day off. You are great Ruth E.

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  7. A wonderful group of men. I am so proud to have my dad and brother among them. Thank you Ruth E.

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