Remembrance Day Honoring Carrick High Military Veterans






vETERANS dAYThe view from the top of the upright piano.

Friday at Pittsburgh Carrick High School, students read more than 65 names of Armed Forces alumni who served and died for their country.         WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq. Afghanistan.

Jeremiah played Taps from the back of the auditorium.  Our Spanish teacher played the piano while another teacher sang God Bless America. There were family members who told stories about their service member who passed.  It was a poignant ceremony.  The students did a wonderful job, reading not only their names but where the member had served, their decorations and where they died.

A couple of alums who were  Korean War Veterans spoke as well.    I photographed the event and was deeply touched.

8 thoughts on “Remembrance Day Honoring Carrick High Military Veterans

  1. I always wondered if the kids in the school understood why they got Veterans Day off. Carrick did a great job in teaching the significance of the day. Thanks for sharing Ruth E.

  2. Sounds like a tribute that touched both students and adults alike. The photo is simple and restrained, yet still very evocative and emotive.

  3. Wow, Ruth. That must have been a moving tribute. It’s so nice to read that it took place in a high school and that the students participated. We owe so much to the men and women of the Armed Forces.

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