A Century of Crossword Puzzles and a Guest Blog Photo

You might have noticed a recent GOOGLE DOODLE with a crossword puzzle.  Crosswords have been in the news a lot lately. I hear they’re good for your brain, keep it sharp.

I’d read an article in the Washington Post  by Merl Reagle about the inventor of the first crossword puzzle -Arthur Wynne, who ” never received a penny” for his creation.  His first puzzle was printed on December 21, 1913.

I have several friends and family who enjoy solving crosswords. In some households there’s a race to get the newspaper first!

And if you haven’t seen the movie WORDPLAY, consider watching it. There’s a trailer for the 2006 film in this link from TIME.

When I was visiting the family in Ohio, their newspaper- Columbus Dispatch– had a giant puzzle created by Monica Zurowski (managing editor of the Calgary Herald)  and I mailed it to my friend Bill who is a crossword  aficionado.  Today he messaged me a photo of the puzzle after he solved it.

He does crosswords everyday and does them well.  He says according to the film, WORDPLAY,  this puzzle in the photograph is not the definition of a true crossword puzzle but Bill said it was interesting and took a long time to accomplish ( today was an unexpected snow day from school)

Thanks Bill for the photo and good info on crossword puzzles.              I’ve seen you do them in ink!

Giant Crossword

*Want to solve a giant crossword with 853 clues? by Monica Zurowski /from the Calgary Herald- you can download it here

10 thoughts on “A Century of Crossword Puzzles and a Guest Blog Photo

  1. I used to do crosswords all the time and have lots of books on solving them too. Great fun! Lovely shot Ruth. 😀 *hugs*

  2. I used to attempt the New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle every week. It’s been a long time since I did one. Sometimes I would work on one for days. I loved them, but I was never this good. I’m jealous, Bill!

  3. I love doing all the puzzles on the Post Gazette puzzle page. I do the local crosswords, the New York times I can do on a Monday and Tuesday. I’d love to do the whole week but sometimes I don’t even understand the clues, let alone the know the answers. But its fun to try.

  4. I work the daily crossword puzzle and the Jumble in the Louisville Courier-Journal. Mondays are always notoriously easy and many weeks, I can complete the whole thing and I’m always SO proud of myself. BUT, the puzzles get harder as the week goes on. By Saturday, I might get 2 or 3 words in one puzzle and maybe just ONE WORD is right!

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