Star Wars Lego® Figures Photo Found on my Phone

Either Michael or Jack, one of my grandsons, took this photo of Star Wars figures..  I found it in my December Photo Stream in Aperture tonight.

I hadn’t seen it before, didn’t notice it.  I know I didn’t take it.  The kids love to use the electronic devices.

Any it was all set up and photographed (on the piano I’m fairly certain) and here’s their shot.  Guest  blog photo by one of them.

I’d left the mini Light Sabers in a gift box with a friend’s gift but she mailed them out from Pittsburgh in a card so they got to Ohio in time for Christmas.  Need light sabers  to do battle!!  Thanks V.

Something about mini figures invites creative and imaginative play.

star wars legoEither Michael (8) or Jack(6+) took this photo with my phone.  I found it in the December photo stream tonight.


11 thoughts on “Star Wars Lego® Figures Photo Found on my Phone

  1. Great photo, Michael or Jack! (Those light sabers look much bigger in the hands of the Lego figures than they did in the tiny plastic bag.)

  2. Seems one of them got their photography talent from grandma. It’s a great shot Ruth. My youngest son is 25 and he still has all his starwars figures and cars. LOL!

  3. This put a smile on my face. 🙂
    I find all sorts of photos on my phone that the girls take. The selfies always crack me up.

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