Car and Train

Oh, I’ve seen car and I’ve seen train…….

Columbus, Ohio- Saturday afternoon.  Shot from the second floor of the parking garage on our way to the car show.d

A sliver of a city scene. A bit of sunlight.  Shapes and lines.  A car driving down the middle of the road.

I went and looked at all my blog posts tagged transportation  and I ‘ve shot a lot of cars, trains, buses, motorcycles, taxis and trucks.

Transpsortation in ColumbusPick a lane.  Is this car over the double line or what? Maybe they are looking at the train and not noticing or they are planning to pass the cars lined up, waiting to get into the garage.

15 thoughts on “Car and Train

    • Not sure what’s next but glad you got the reference, John. My brain must have a list of titles and first lines at the forefront as often times they surface unexpectedly.
      Thanks for visiting and writing!

  1. so was that a play on words with James Taylor’s song “I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain??” I assume so – and either way – it was in my head while enjoying this post! 🙂 and what the heck is that car doing – lol

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