Anticipating the Moment

I don’t like to take a ton of shots, hoping to get a find one of the action.  I try to anticipate when the moment will be optimum to shoot.

Here is one of a skateboarder by the Game Pieces public art in Philadelphia.


The giant dominoes are part of Game Pieces-

and the cropped version

skateboarder crop-going for the separation between the board and the bench as I am clicking the shutter.

See 3000 dominoes and the domino effect on an old Mr. Rogers Neighborhood episode.

The Domino Effect



Action photography post from four years ago with an airborne skateboarder at UCONN

10 thoughts on “Anticipating the Moment

  1. you captured an air shot! very cool! and I like seeing this photo because it reminded me of the other picture you showed us with the game pieces. 🙂

  2. What a great capture, Ruth! These guys amaze me and I shudder thinking of all the misses they must have endured until they mastered a maneuver like this one. Ouch!

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