Sure Signs of Spring

At the high school baseball game after school Monday afternoon.

A gallery of abandoned baseballs in the brush-

baseball 4





sunflower hulls and cleat marks


Cleat marks in the dirt and discarded sunflower seed hulls





baseball 6

It was like an Easter Egg Hunt, all of the lost baseballs in the underbrush.  The afternoon light hitting them sideways.





baseball glove 1

Leather baseball glove or is it a mitt, lying on the wooden bench.




baseball fans 3The weather felt like a football game but the fans huddled together, wrapped in a blanket.




baseball 5

I see a bit of new green in the baseball photos amongst the dead leaves.




baseballs 2




baseball interior

And Monday March 31st will be Opening Day for the Pittsburgh Pirates with the Chicago Cubs coming to PNC Park

6 thoughts on “Sure Signs of Spring

  1. I love the imagery of an Easter egg hunt where the eggs are replaced with baseballs. A lot of fun ideas popped into my head with that prompt; and the photos of all the different baseballs tucked away amid old brush (and new growth) only inspired more creative thoughts. Great pics, as usual. 🙂

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