A Few More Reflections

You’ve seen some of these if you’ve been a follower for awhile.

Some favorite reflections.  The weekly challenge prompted me to continue to search the archives for a couple of reflections I wanted to share.


swimming ohio state

Swimming at Ohio State Natatorium



penguin reflection

Blue jeans in the glass of the Penguins exhibit at the Columbus Zoo




subway train reflection

From the subway on the way to Coney Island



church reflection

Church reflection in the Thai Kitchen table- Bloomfield









sidewalk reflection

Red lights reflected on the sidewalk- Market Square Downtown Pittsburgh






mail chute  reflection

Me in the Mail Chute at the City County Building.





mary reflection






Mary in NYC with buildings in the sunglasses lenses

jack reflection


Jack’s reflection in a puddle.

Jack and Maura at the Columbus Zoo

11 thoughts on “A Few More Reflections

  1. I bet you could fill a week’s worth of posts with nothing but photos of reflections, Ruth. You’ve such a good eye for them.
    (By the way, if you do decide to have a “Reflection Week”, I certainly wouldn’t complain. Far from it.)


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