Mother’s Day Clintonville Ohio

Blogging from my iphone.
Laura was cooking lunch.
My son-in- law James just took this in their kitchen.
Had coffee with my son Mark this morning.
In town for Michael’s First Holy Communion yesterday.
Photos to follow later tonight
Thinking how nice it feels to be with those you love. And who love you


15 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Clintonville Ohio

  1. Unconditional – all of your children have been blessed to have you for their Mother

  2. A First Holy Communion and Mother’s Day on the very same Sunday. How great was that? I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day, Ruth,

  3. Still read your blogs Ruth when I get a spare 5 mins. BTW I prefer the Non-Flash version of Grandma. Much softer and more natural, don’t you think? Flash can really stiffen up the features. Hope you are well, I hope to start blogging again very soon, it has been over a year! 🙁 But time flies as they say. Tempus Fugit

    • So nice to hear from you Mark. I am well and hope you are too. I am always drawn to the natural light. I look forward to seeing your new posts when you start again. A year? You’re right about the time flying by. Thanks for the visit and good words.

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