Michael Joseph- First Holy Communion Day- St. Patrick Columbus OH

We woke up to pouring rain but the sun came out later in the afternoon.  St. Patrick Church- Columbus Ohio, Saturday May 10, 2014.

It was a special day for a special young man.

The family gathered in to celebrate and friends came later to share the day.


The procession. Taken with available light and a Canon 70-200 L series lens.


michael communion series2





Godfather and Michael

Godfather Joseph in from NYC  and Godson Michael Joseph

and at Michael’s baptismGodfather



Michael and his certificate2


lego rosaryFather Dosch  blesses the Florida Lego Rosary Aunt Lala and Uncle James got him as a gift


lego rosary2




Whole Family Communion DayFour generations pose for the family portrait. Michael’s Paternal Great Grandmother is next to him on his right and his Maternal Grandmother Marlene is on his left.  Grandfathers Pop and Pap in the back row.

Almost everyone ( not pictured Matthew in Croatia and James at work).

Took this with the self-timer and ran around and got in the back


family (2)

With his family.


family (1)

27 thoughts on “Michael Joseph- First Holy Communion Day- St. Patrick Columbus OH

  1. Mazel Tov Ruth E – what a beautiful family! Wonderful pictures – thanks for sharing them.

  2. Nice family pictures. Congratulations to Michael and the family. Another mile stone in their family. It’s so nice to see family photos. Nice remembrance.

  3. Congratulations Michael! And Ruth, what fantastic beautiful photos to help remember the lovely day!

  4. How great that so many came to celebrate Michael’s special day! Very cool, too, that Michael’s tie matched his Lego rosary. You took some great photos, Ruth. They’ll make great memory stirrers in the years to come. 🙂

    • I just got in from the Art for Change Auction and guess what arrived in the mail? Took a whole week. Thanks John. I am excited.
      You should have seen the Gator cufflinks that Godfather Joey got MIchael. So fun.
      Thanks for the crystals. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks for your good words. FHC was Saturday AM so Mother’s Day got a separate acknowledgment but what a grand family time. xxoo

  5. What a grand looking family. I love that you got in there, too. 🙂 Big congrats to Michael on his big day! Glad to hear the weather eventually complied.

    • Yes, those self timers make it possible for me to sneak in now and again. Thanks for your nice comment today, Stef. 🙂

  6. Just got to look at these now. Fabulous photos. I agree with all of the above! Such a wonderful day!

  7. What a very special day. Michael Joseph is practically glowing with joy. 🙂 My second son just had his and he glowed just like your boy. your photos captured this beautiful day so well.

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