Jessica and Matthew Got Married at The National Aviary in Pittsburgh

Saturday July 19, 2014

The whole day was filled with love, love, love. There was mist, then drizzle, but no downpour.  A little thunder and at the end of the evening we heard the Pittsburgh Pirates fireworks, boom boom boom.

Jessica and Matthew worked hard on every detail but the weather was out of their control.

Everyone was a good sport and carried umbrellas, one maid of honor wore her boots!   I covered the camera with plastic grocery bags. And then it stopped.

It was long awaited for and very happy day.

You can see the mutual admiration, love and affection for one another in these photographs.  The wedding and reception were held at The National Aviary on the North Side of Pittsburgh

Congratulations and all the best to Jessica and Matthew. It was a lovely wedding to capture.

Enjoy your European honeymoon adventure.

bride in carJessica gets out of the car.  She and used to teach at the same school. She is an Art Teacher in the city.

women at Inn (1)Everyone was at the Inn at the Mexican War Streets on the North Side.

the menin the music room

In front of the mantle in the Music Room

the groomMatthew the Groom in the Music Room

Jessica and her dadHere comes the bride with her father.

first kissFirst Kiss

just married

Just Married!

Jess and Matt at the Aviary

With Disco Pete the Penguin after the ceremony

couple on bridge

Jess and Matt on Bridge Party (1)

Wedding Party on the bridge in the park on the North Side

the womenCoaxing the flower girl to join the women for a photograph

wedding party umbrellas

Matt holds Jess; train

Matthew holds Jessica’s dress

kiss on bridge

A kiss under the veil

MAtt and Jessica Umbrella

A little rain doesn’t matter

James Bond

James Bond and his Bride

couple dance

First Dance

MAtt and Jessica dance

First Dance

sweetheart table

The Sweetheart Table

sisters' toast

The sisters’ toast

cake and cupcakes

Oakmont Bakery made the cake and cupcakes

a sweet kiss with frosting

A sweet kiss after the cake cutting with a taste of frosting!

Bouquet Toss

Throwing the bouquet

garter toss

The garter toss

back detailThe back detail of her gorgeous wedding gown



(and the embroidery hoop filled with lace, dangling from the ceiling of the tent- remember the bride is an art teacher)

macaron favorsMacaron Favors by Jean-Marc Chatellier French Bakery in Millvale

Best man and wife

and the Best Man Ty and His wife Jean, parents of darling flower girl, too (hope it is spelled correctly) help out at the end of the night

18 thoughts on “Jessica and Matthew Got Married at The National Aviary in Pittsburgh

  1. Beautiful pictures Ruth E. Looks like the rain didn’t put a damper on the wedding. Did that penguin photo bomb?!

  2. Ruthie, you did a wonderful capturing their wedding on film. Is that the right term? When I saw the title of to day’s blog I got excited thinking was our Matthew, then I knew better… You would have told me ahead if time.

  3. An absolutely beautiful wedding, gorgeous couple (and all of their family and friends, too!), and stunning photos that captured the joy-filled memories for them and their descendants to cherish for decades to come. Love, love, love is right!

  4. Really LOVEly, Ruth!!!
    A very FRENCH flavor / feeling. The photo on the lawn with the umbrellas reminded me of Lunch and Dance at Bougival!
    [I actually got downtown to see the “dancing sculpture” at PPG thurs evening!] The Wedding Party on the Bridge: Monet’s bridge at Giverny.
    I am surprised that no one has yet commented on the Bridal Bouquet toss vs the Garter Toss!!! The girls are jumping / reaching / and probably “screaming” to catch the bouquet. The guys are just standing there, two have their hands in their pockets – and another looks very apprehensive!!! !!!! 🙂 So hilarious!
    Jessica and Matthew: what a beautiful / handsome couple ….. and how wonderful to have the memory of the sisters [ hers? / his??] toast ….. how adorable they both are!
    Since J and M are going to Europe …. I hope france is one of the countries! Bon voyage! Merci Ruth for sharing this!!!!

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  6. What a great-looking couple, Ruth, and such a lovely setting for a wedding. You certainly did a great job capturing the happy couple and their attendants. These photos will certainly be cherished.

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