Just Married – Shawn and Celeste- Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium Reception

A beautiful day for a beautiful wedding.

Celeste and ShawnSitting in the garden at Saint Sebastian Church.  Just married

Here is the wedding party with the lion.

Bridal Party with Lion 2

The Bridesmatrons are Cousin Katie, Sister Vicky, Friend Laura, Bride Celeste. Groom Shawn, Best Man Jason, Groomsman David, Groomsman Jason.  Lion top right, name unknown.



Bridal Party with ElephantsAt the elephants.

Then the baby elephant ran out and nuzzled the mother elephant.



looking at the elephants


Celeste and Shawn zoo

Another bench. This time at the zoo.


Celeste and Shawn at Fish TankOnto the aquarium



cakecake tasting

Just a smidgen, a sweet taste.

Celeste and Shawn first dance

Celeste and Shawn first dance in reflection



Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium


















13 thoughts on “Just Married – Shawn and Celeste- Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium Reception

  1. I remember meeting Laura’s friend Celeste at your house, Ruth. Wonderful to see her wedding day!! And the reflection photo reminds me of the Renoir dancers at PPG!!! Laura looked so lovely!!!! It is so much fun to linger over wedding pics, really look at the dresses and the cake!! XOXO

  2. I always love looking at wedding photos – everyone is always so happy! You brought out the best in them, Ruth! They will cherish these photos forever and a day!

  3. Such a photogenic wedding party and the attractive bride and groom. They have gorgeous smiles. I like the novelty of having the zoo and aquarium for their reception and photos.

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