Last Day of Summer Vacation Before School Starts

I need to gather up my knitting bag, the computer bag and the camera bag- pack the suitcase- load the car.  And the grocery bag with the sock monkeys that the girls helped me stuff but still need to be handstitched.  The eyes embroidered.  The tails attached.

I’ll be heading home in a few hours. A 3 1/2 hour drive.  Just can’t sleep. 

The Summer unstructured time has been grand.

Although I’m up at four today, setting the alarm for 5:15 is going to be the tricky part. Getting up tomorrow for the familiar drive to school. The freshman will come on Friday so that gives me a couple of days of clerical time and Prof Dev meetings. All students start on Monday.

Here’s the pastry case and breakfast from Sunday’s brunch at La Chatelaine after church.

La Chatelaine Desserts





16 thoughts on “Last Day of Summer Vacation Before School Starts

  1. That pastry case would make me smile even though summer is almost over. Have a good year Ruth E!

  2. Thinking of you. Hope your week goes smoothly and your school year is a good one. Take care

  3. “the party’s over”…. My mom would sing that to me on my last day of summer vacation. So I am passing ger song onto you. You have done a lot these last 2 months, especially with your kids and grandchildren. The start of a new beginning and one more year closer to retirement!

  4. Thom has been going to meetings and been back to school to get his library in order for a week now. It’s sad to see the summer vacation ending, so I just have to keep reminding myself that autumn is my favorite season. Best of luck with the new school year, Ruth. (The pastries are lovely!)

  5. Isn’t this your LAST year of teaching or have you decided to extend a couple of years? Anyway, good luck this year and enjoy this crop of new students.

  6. I hope you have had a great summer, because you have given us a great summer via your blog!!! maybe I’ll see you at the East Liberty Farmers
    Market, 3:30-7:30 Mondays until the monday before T-giving!!!! It has gone so fast, June-August!!! Much love Erica

  7. How could i forget to comment on the Creme Caramel / Flan ??? I could eat all 5 of them!!!! That must have been one great sunday Brunch!!!!

  8. I could never sleep the day before school – not as a child, adolescent, or college student. Even now, the day before a big presentation or event, I don’t sleep a lot. Isn’t it nice to know that no matter the hour, someone is always awake with you?

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