Stuffed Plush on Garbage Trucks but Ken on the Grill?

At least I think it’s Ken.  Without clothes.  Not sure of the message or meaning.

I’ve see plenty of stuffed plush on garbage truck fronts, especially in New York City.

Maybe I should rethink this post and title it Wordless Wednesday.

I love how some bloggers are so consistent- Six Word Saturday, Silent Sunday, Wordless Wednesday, TBT and the dependable Weekly Photo Challenge on Friday and so on.

But sometimes when I’m stopped at a red light I see something I can photograph in a blink. No rhyme or reason. It is just there.

ken on a grill

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15 thoughts on “Stuffed Plush on Garbage Trucks but Ken on the Grill?

  1. I wonder what goes through the mind of someone who attaches a naked Ken doll to the front grill of his/her car?????

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