Invitation to Read

A basket of books at the Urgent Care waiting room.  The Delaware County District Library offers the gift of a book as you wait.  

There was a basket of children’s books on  another end table.  I took a James Patterson mystery titled Mary Mary for my sister Mary.

I read the recipes in one but left it for someone else.  

Thank you Friends at the Delaware County  District  Library.

(My son Mark had a scratched cornea-ouch– our reason for being there.  He’s on the mend)


4 thoughts on “Invitation to Read

  1. What a lovely idea, Sharing books with people who are worried or distressed. How did you know everyone was going to wonder why you were in an urgent care center. Glad Mark is on the mend.

  2. Great idea! Beats out of date magazines. Sorry to hear of Mark’s injury. Glad he’s OK.

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