The Final Fire Drill and Floral Bouquets

Something smoking in in the culinary room.  You know how easily the smoke alarms  go off when you burn toast at home.

You always know it isn’t just a drill when you hear the trucks come. All was checked out and fine.

IMG_6736 IMG_6731



And two girls were waiting for me at my classroom door yesterday morning, bouquet in hand.

bouquetWhat a surprise!  Thank you girls.  That was so sweet.




and at the Double Wide Grill after school, a colleague brought the two retirees, another lovely bouquet

A good day.

Friday the last day with students, Two classes take finals.  Then it is clerical days next week, gradebook entries and RETIREMENT begins.


Thank you Cynthia. The flowers are lovely.



11 thoughts on “The Final Fire Drill and Floral Bouquets

  1. I am so excited for you – so nice of the girls to honor you with beautiful flowers. Now the fun begins!

  2. You are special enough to have a fire truck send off!!! Enjoy all the special moments you so deserve!

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