I Love When Someone Else is Driving

And I’m in the front passenger seat with my camera out of the bag.


’cause we just ran out of the swim meet when it started to pour.  

Photo opportunity.

The magic of wet pavement. The sky growing dark.

Thanks Erika for driving.   I turn the ride home into a car headlights in the rain reflection study. 70-200 L series lens on the Canon 5D Mark ii   Trying to hold it steady in a moving car another challenge.headlight refelctions 4





headlight refelctions 3



headlight refelctions 2






6 thoughts on “I Love When Someone Else is Driving

  1. I so remember driving away from a swim meet or a tennis match in that type of weather during this month years ago. Of course, I was driving : ) Once, the radio went from a Pittsburgh station to a Chicago station after a close flash of lightening. BTW – the Cubs were winning!

  2. Look at those streaks of red and orange against the pavement! So vibrant. Great sensations in these pics – I feel like I’m in the car in the middle of a rain shower.

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