Golden Doodle and Grandma

With a new baby in the house, Penny seeks reassurance and is probably wondering when baby Charlie will be leaving. It’s an adjustment .

My daughter Laura , (the new mother) shot this quick moment today as I was getting up.

You saw Penny’s paw included in the new family handshake a couple posts ago.

Penny the Golden Doodle expressing how she feels.

Here she is photobombing during the first bath the other day




The night Charles was born, I brought a cloth diaper from the hospital so she could get his scent. Little did she know how life would change.




On the front porch with the human members of the family. Sorry Penny.

P.s.  Tomorrow after this posts, my DIL will tell me Henry the Airedale is upset because  he isn’t featured or included on the blog.

Thanks V for the idea to blog Penny and Grandma

18 thoughts on “Golden Doodle and Grandma

  1. Great photos Ruth. I think you are right about Penny feeling a little left out. Even her face says it. It will all work out.

  2. First – the pictures and subjects in the pictures are adorable (especially grandma Ruth E). Second I know the puppy will adjust but its sad to see him upset.

  3. Penny will love Charlie once he can drop food off the high chair! It will just take a few months of grandma love to get him through.

  4. Lovely, casual, real photos of truly beautiful people…and pup. A blessed baby to cherish! Congratulations.

  5. Every being needs love, assurance, and to feel special. You’re a fantastic grandma to all creatures – human and canine alike.

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