Waking up to the Sound of Hogs

Maura (6),  Jack (8)and I spent an hour in Half Price Books on Lane Ave while we waited to meet the family for breakfast for dinner at Whole Foods after swim practice.

We bought a couple of books and Maura said she needed an alarm clock to get up in time for her daily 8 am dive practice.  Sounded reasonable to me.

The one she chose makes the sound of hogs-

No buzzer. No bells, no sonar beep- PIGS!!

Here is the first day of waking up to hogs. That is one crazy alarm clock!

Turns out it would be my new Grandson’s birth date but we didn’t know that fact in the morning. 


Cecilia, of thekitchensgarden do they sound authentic ?

7 thoughts on “Waking up to the Sound of Hogs

  1. I think that sound is a lot more pleasant than an annoying blaring alarm. I love the smile on Maura’s face – and I adore that she is snuggling under a blanket that I’m guessing you made…? 🙂 Awesome.

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