Rest Stop in Ohio- I had to pull in and get out and photograph


Sunday Night.  Along Route 70 Eastbound. The sunset.

It was the end of a beautiful day.


Ohio sunsetEven using the real camera cannot capture the beauty of the sunset. The pair of cars helps give perspective.  When you don’t live where it’s flat, you really notice the sky and the immensity.

10 thoughts on “Rest Stop in Ohio- I had to pull in and get out and photograph

  1. Like you, my husband and i are often visiting OH and the grandkids. Thanks for sharing this beautiful shot. After all the beach is not the only place for a memorable sunset.

  2. A gorgeous scene – and I hear you about a camera not being able to do it justice. Have you ever been to Wyoming? I haven’t, but have heard the skies there are AMAZING.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous, Ruth. Ofttimes, on my way to Michigan, I’ll be treated to a beautiful sunrise over The Lake. Unfortunately, stopping on Lake Shore Drive in the morning would be suicide. Glad you were able to capture and share this sunset.

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