Photographing Four Kids in One Frame

These are four of my own grandchildren. Should be easy, right?

Try to remain patient, I tell myself.

Don’t worry if it is not the day for a photograph.

Even if the weather is perfect and the colorful fall leaves are still on the trees.

Get kids involved in an activity to take their mind off the lens.

Two different days.

The idea is to get a nice photograph to send in a Christmas card, show how they’ve grown.

Hats make shadows on faces and  features obliterated. Oops!

Solids are least distracting.

playground 22435874972_780a1b8e1b_k

and yesterday’s attempt

You can always resort to running and jumping as I have in the past, when all else fails.

grandkids christmas card

Let them make a funny face, then a serious one.

Remember it’s a bit easier WITHOUT the dogs


Impromptu, candids can come out the best

IMG_1373Waiting at Von Maur while Mom shops.

15 thoughts on “Photographing Four Kids in One Frame

  1. I’m back! Couldn’t get internet on the cruise. So I’ve missed quite a lot. I love these pictures. Those beautiful children have grown so much. And they are so photogenic!

  2. Make up a bunch of each for cards and them you do not have to pick ….. they all have great holiday spirit!!!!! XOXOXO

  3. Beautiful Kids + Great Photographer = Wonderful Photos!
    The running & jumping pic reminds me of the kids in Peter Pan taking off for Neverland.

  4. Your grandchildren are growing up so fast. Too fast. However, they are still as beautiful as ever.

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