Michael Captures Inflatables from the Passenger Seat

Great to have three grandkids visit for a few days. We were headed to the Children’s Museum.

Michael, 10, caught these with my camera on the phone. Teamwork makes blogging fun!

 I caught the three of them by the high water mark sign.

We went by way  of Millvale  because I forgot the French bakery was closed on Mondays. No brioche.


Michaels edit, too. 
N Northside trio of inflatable snowmen


5 thoughts on “Michael Captures Inflatables from the Passenger Seat

  1. Good job, Michael! Your photos are terrific! It looks like you inherited the photography gene from your grandma.

  2. I love how the grandkids continue to participate in the blog – so fun to see! And what a great craft to encourage. 🙂 I hope to co-blog with my kiddo in a few years…

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