Knitting Socks – with a little help from experts 

This post started with Steve bringing me a bowl of beanie weanies for Sunday night supper. 

I looked at the color of the bowl, the sock I was knitting, and the teal of my new robe from Christmas. ( thank you, V- it is very cozy)

I try to keep the blog IRT for the most part.  

The last sock yarn I used was for a Sockhead Hat by Kelly McClure Pattern (thanks for the Chocolate and Cherries yarn,Toni). 

Then I thought of all the references I am using to tutor myself to knit socks again. Reading about the knitting is good preparation.

I’d started a pair of socks simultaneously on two circular needles about two years ago. (Thanks for the yarn, Molly) but bought new size one double point needles yesterday to knit them singly. 

I used to worry about “SSS- second sock syndrome.” Listened to Alicia and Natalie on a Mastering the Knits Podcast talk about socks and yarn and more socks and felt inspired.

Also, my long time friend, E, brought me a Christmas gift. A book –Knit Socks! –shaped like a sock -by Betsy Lee McCarthy 

 The two books have exclamation marks in their titles.   

Additional References pictured above 

-The glare of the Round white OTT light -so I can see on a winter night

– Susan B Anderson “How I Knit My Socks”

Susan’s Blog link
-Stephanie Pearl-McPhee   Knitting Rules!

Yarn Harlot link 

17 thoughts on “Knitting Socks – with a little help from experts 

  1. I am very impressed. Knitting isn’t easy, but knitting socks must be a challenge. But the best part of the blog is the weenie and beans. I grew up on that meal.

  2. Oh, enjoy your sock knitting. I love creating them. I like a pair in the same yarn but different positioning of the yarn pattern. Grafting is so clever but surprisingly simple. Look forward to seeing the finished articles.

  3. I too love the Study in Blue of photo 1. Is that material peeking out from under your teal robe in the last photo a Lantz nightgown? Then you are cozy!!! Thanks for sharing the fun you are having with the Knitting Books! Never heard of SSS! Very amusing, but maybe NOT, if you are the knitter!` 🙂

  4. Of course, that sock is a work of art, Ruth, but if Im being honest, I must admit that my eyes kept drifting over to the beanie weanies. 🙂

  5. Knitting socks is such a satisfying thing to do, and the resulting garments are so much better than those you can buy. 😊

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