A Decadent Dessert

Creme Brûlée with fresh berries and a mint leaf garnish. You break the sugar crust with a spoon and find the vanilla bean flavored rich custard underneath. So rich and silky. Makes everything feel like a celebration. A mouthful of Creme brûlée with a fresh berry is satisfying delicious! Thanks for a treating me, V. What a finish.

Happy 43rd Birthday Dear Matthew 11-20-23

Barb’s Corner Kitchen

In Lawrenceville. Steve suggested “breakfast out” Sunday morning. He’d heard about Barb’s Diner.

Having just posted two days honoring Veterans on the blog it was serendipity to find these two displays on the wall that stay up all year long.

Honoring Veterans All Year Long
Customers, employees, relatives of customers
All Branches of the Service
Land of the Free Because of the Brave
4711 Butler Street

Do you have a favorite cookie?

This afternoon I was baking chocolate chip cookies for my teenage grandsons. They were coming to visit for the weekend, I thought “ I prefer oatmeal raisin”. I knew their preference. Chocolate Chip

A cup of butter and 2teaspoons vanilla, tasty chocolate chips what could be wrong? Well, not wrong but I actually thought of making a batch of oatmeal cookies, too. (I know some friends omit the raisins.)

“…various ingredients and techniques can affect the taste, texture, and appearance of your chocolate chip cookies” the Ultimate Guide to Chocolate Chip Cookies if you want to see varied results click the guide here

Here’s the recipe I used from the back of the bag of chips

Apple Pie and Cheddar Cheese?

Apple pie with a slice of sharp cheddar cheese?

Yes or no?

Here’s an article about this polarizing combination

Most popular in New England these days. Not in the South

“Cheese, specifically sharp cheddar, has been served with apple pie in the U.S. as early as the 1800s. But the combination was likely born in England in the 17th century; a tradition of using dairy-based sauces in pies evolved into an affinity for topping pie with cheese instead”

Perhaps you’re an a la mode pie eater with a warm slice and vanilla ice cream.

Or an abstainer.

A rather large slab of cheese. Faor the photo.

So Good/So Bad

Steve brought home a bag of wavy potato chips and a container of French Onion dip. Oh my. I didn’t even make the dip. It was purchased.

Sunday afternoon I was knitting, watching the Steelers game and had to stop so I didn’t get the grease on the yarn.

Tasted good. Not good for you. The salt, the fat. But so tasty

How do you feel about potato chips and dip?

Corn chips and salsa will be a future post.


Just 3 Months Past Date

No Problem. Today I found this tin of chocolates in a box when I cleaned up my “craft room” . I’m pretty sure they were an intended gift. Couldn’t possibly give it now. So I ate one of the bars.

No noticeable diminished pleasure!

Have you eaten anything past date lately?

I took the Best By date a suggestion
Google Translate App comes through

Pear Season is Here

These are Bartlett Pears.

Mr. Enoch Bartlett of Dorchester Massachusetts named the pears after himself but there are over 150 synonyms around the world for this type of pear. Originally called “The Williams’ bon chrétien pear, commonly called the Williams pear, or the Bartlett pear in the United States and Canada, is the most commonly grown variety of pear in most countries outside Asia” click for history

Tips for buying and ripening Bartlett pears in this CBS news video you don’t want them to get mushy.

Pears. Do you like them cooked or raw?