Children in Winter c.1916

From my Grandmother’s Album. Durand, Illinois. Uncle Robert (b.1914) I’m the left. Uncle John (b.1910) on the right. my mother Marian (b.1912) next to Robert with the light trim on her dark hat. She looks about four to me but maybe it’s 1917.

Don’t know child in the center wearing the white hat Robert, Marian, ? and John. A neighbor?
They had just one boy cousin.

It’s Tuesday 2/22/2022

You know how much I wanted to write that date 2/22/2022. I’m not waiting til 2:22 am to post though.


Did you know that today’s date is a Palindrome and an Ambigram? The date will read the same from left to right , from right to left AND upside down! Won’t happen again for millions of years. 22022022

Oranges in winter throughout the years. In fact I had Oranges and Orange as tags.

2022 Orange in Winter

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Sunday Guest Blog from Ottawa

This guest blog is from my friend Joanne’s sister, Mary, in Ottawa, Canada.

“They are little goldfinches in their winter colorings and fluffed up against the minus 18 (Celsius = minus 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit) temperatures….In the spring they start turning yellow and then are really pretty. We get a lot of both gold and purple finches …. and chickadees, redpolls, cardinals of course, big and small woodpeckers, blue jays, and many others. Wild turkeys occasionally, the dreaded grackles and crows. Right now with the deep snow the birds spend more time hiding in the woods somewhere so today was a nice surprise.“

Saturday Morning from the Kitchen Window

Friday in February

It was snow on top of all the rain that froze, crunchy and slick if you had to drive or walk anywhere- the advisory said Stay Home!

Driving in snow is one thing but ice is the worst.

I was out shoveling and salting and saw the city truck clearing and treating our street, coming down a second time. A wonderful sight. Our street was always neglected, the parallel park road always cleared but not our block. That’s not the case now.

We’ve a new mayor. He says they have to do better.

I believe that they are!

Grateful for City of Pittsburgh Public Works