Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic 


This week show us something you’re optimistic about, or perhaps a talisman that helps you stay positive and hopeful, regardless of what life (and the weather!) throws your way.- Krista at WordPress   

One kernel popped.  

I remain hopeful and positive all will follow this seed’s lead. 

Optimistic defined at Wikipedia –

Being optimistic, in the typical sense of the word, is defined as expecting the best possible outcome from any given situation. This is usually referred to in psychology as dispositional optimism. It thus reflects a belief that future conditions will work out for the best.[1]

It’s good to be back after a restorative break. Thank you for all the good wishes. 

18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic 

  1. I love it – I never would have thought of that – and yes my mornings were not started with a smile – glad you’re back – and now I think I’ll pop some popcorn because we know there is more to follow

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  2. Whoa – were you able to capture the precise moment when the first single kernel popped? If so, I applaud you for your patience AND precision! Awesome pics. 🙂

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  3. I started smiling the moment I saw your interpretation of of the challenge, Ruth. There are few things more optimistic than a child’s face while listening for that first kernel to pop.

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