Grateful for the Deicing Crew

Not certain that’s a word, deicing,de-icing  but before Pittsburgh takeoff, a team sprayed down the plane.

 Flying in January can be feel iffy in northern climes. 

The beginning of my midwinter break last week. Preparing to leave winter for a lovely warm week, part one. Grateful for the crew who deiced the plane!


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16 thoughts on “Grateful for the Deicing Crew

  1. Good that you were heading somewhere warm, and that the plane was prepared well. Anxious to hear all about your trip!

  2. I remember the first time I was on a plane that was de-iced. I was like “what is going on here” – your pictures brought back those memories.

  3. I would be grateful for this too Ruth – I would want all the parts to be in working order 🙂
    Thank you for joining the challenge this week Ruth.

  4. It is a wonder how the planes get into the air during the best of weather. Doing it in a snowstorm is mind boggling. Bless the man that invented the de-icers, though I wish he would have specified how to spell the name of his invention. 😉

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