Anna and Aric and Champ at the Wedding 

Champ is short for Champagne- she’s a girl. 

A lucky dog who was rescued from under a bush. Sweet pup!

She was the ring bearer today at the Dulcinea Chapel, Austin Texas – 

Anna and Aric were the bride and groom

Just married.  

An unexpected but delightful shot!  


  Champ helped ring the bells 

 Champ’s view of the wedding party 

The Dulcinea Chapel  Austin, Texas 

Wishing Anna and Aric every happiness, always!  

  Stack of hands 

   Anna and Champ in the Bluebonnets 
 Aric helps his bride out of the Wildflowers 

  It was a lovely wedding on a gorgeous day. A happy couple. I remember when Anna was born.

Champ was a perfect member of the wedding. 

17 thoughts on “Anna and Aric and Champ at the Wedding 

  1. Beautiful wedding!! Such a lovely setting, a gorgeous bride and handsome groom, a faithful dog, and happiness all around!! Congratulations to everyone!! By the way, the mother of the bride looks great!! Love to all, now and always! 💕

  2. The bride and groom look so happy! The setting, the weather, the bride, the groom, and Champ all are picture-perfect. It looks like a beautiful wedding. Congratulations to all!

  3. Congratulations, Anna and Aric. Wish you all the best in your future. You were a pretty young lady when we visited 15 years ago, who has grown into a beautiful young woman. By the way, love the boots. 🙂

  4. Anna, you are a gorgeous bride – love these pictures -you both look so happy. Looks like it was a perfect day for you. Was thinking about you all day -love from you Nova Scotia relatives – Aunt Chook and Uncle Ron

  5. These wedding photos are priceless, and precious! Love Anna’s dress and her BOOTS!!! what a beautiful day / setting / b ride and groom!
    Very best wishes for forever! 🙂

  6. the pictures are beautiful and the bride’s dress is amazing. I miss Austin, although I always felt ancient there. Have a fun trip.

  7. Ruth, you are the best photographer ever! And a wonderful friend for the past 30+ years. You captured the day perfectly and Anna & Aric are so pleased. It was a joy to have you here to share this special event …. you met her as a newborn and now we fast forward in a blink …. Life is but a dream, dear friend.

    • I love you, wonderful friend and thank you for your beautiful words. A blink is right! It was my honor to be by your side this wedding weekend. Xxoo

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