Father and Son- Austin Auto Show

In our hotel parking lot – Austin, Texas

Dad’s car. In from Tuscon. 

1957 Chevy -these cars were called gassers -made for drag strips and racing.  (Click Gassers for info)

   Son’s car. In from Fort Worth 
  More hot rods   
  He let me sit at the wheel .  Anne took the photo 

  Putting the cars to bed

14 thoughts on “Father and Son- Austin Auto Show

  1. glad for the 2nd blog from Austin …… so I can comment on the BLUEBONNETS from the wedding photos and the adorable dog!!!How great you are in Austin for Bluebonnet Season!!!!! They have to be seen to be believed…… the paintbrush is beautifulo, too!

  2. Love seeing these old cars restored to their former glory, Ruth. I won’t mention how many of them I remember seeing on the road back in the day. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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