Fort Okanogan Interpretive Center


We drove in and parked.  Through the exhibits and a video we learned a lot about the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation. Hunting, fishing, artifacts, fur trading industry, There was an exhibit about the 2014 wildfires in the area  We were welcomed at the front desk and shown around by the Museum Coordinator- Kristen Heidenthal

Anthropology & Museum Studies majors as undergrad and a Master’s in Archives and Administration


Dugout Canoe belonged to Long Jim  a chief of the Chelan Tribe




8 thoughts on “Fort Okanogan Interpretive Center

  1. That museum seems to have a lot going on. I love history and exploring different cultures. In other words, I wish I could have shared the experience with you.

  2. This space looks a lot like the nature center in central MN – which reminded me of the one I visited as a kid in northern IN. So many of them have a similar look and feel….

  3. So glad that they have a spot to honor and remember the area’s native Americans. I hope it’s a requirement of the curriculums of the area’s school districts. I wish my education had included more of this type of information.

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