Sea Planes in Anchorage

We’re checked in a hotel near the airport.

Across the street are seaplanes, moored at the edge of a lake.

They have a distinct sound as they take off and land, Mary said like angry bees. Just the word pontoons seems exotic. They’ll ask your weight if you fly in one.

There are a lot of these planes, all colors.

Farewell Alaska tomorrow.



11 thoughts on “Sea Planes in Anchorage

  1. It seems like you had a great visit. I would love to get there, someday. . . . Safe travels!

    • My sister- in -law said she rode in one and had to whisper her “TRUE weight” to the pilot before getting in!

  2. Did you ride in one? If so, what was it like?

    The smallest plane I ever rode in was a 10-seater: 5 rows, one seat on each side. (Plus the pilot and co-pilot.) Just a curtain between the pilots and passengers.

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