Flying in Hawaii with a Jet Pack-guest blog

Guest Blogger Ed Lipsman wrote today

“My flight launched from Oahu, Hawaii, North Shore location amid a calm beautiful sea, bountiful sunshine and low winds, and warm temps all of which helped with the launch.

My flight was fantastic as I always wanted to fly and being propelled into the air and over the ocean by water turbines was just a fantastic rush!”

img_2430img_2429img_2428Remember Ed Lipsman? Meet Flashes of Fire Author click for his author portrait and book link.

7 thoughts on “Flying in Hawaii with a Jet Pack-guest blog

  1. Oh, I remember Ed Lipsman! He’s my cousin and a wonderful and obviously adventurous man!!!

  2. Even for a brief view of the palm trees and the Pacific ……….!!!!!!! Thank you….. end of year gift!!!!

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