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Ed Lipsman.  Author of Flashes of Fire. His debut novel.

(Priced reasonably @ 3.99)  download onto a kindle. I love the Pittsburgh place references in it but you can live anywhere and enjoy his writing.

I know Ed from working together in an After School Program where he ran a terrific physical fitness program for our 4-8th graders.

He’s a loyal blog follower since the beginning, too.  An all around great person!

I’m honored to have taken his author photo and happy to get the word out about his book.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 11.18.06 PM


For most of his adult life, Ed Lipsman studied a variety of martial

arts, including sword. He was a successful fighter in a medieval group,

winning a number of tournaments. Currently, he is an Adjunct Professor

at Chatham University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where one of the

courses he teaches is a sword class. Flashes of Fire is his first book.

“What’s Chase Harte to do??

He gets struck with lightning while leaving a medieval fighting tournament and is transported to a strange, brutal, feudal world where swords rule and law doesn’t.”




10 thoughts on “Meet Flashes of Fire Author

  1. In my opinion, this is a really outstanding portrait. I think it is exceptionally difficult to take a really outstanding portrait photo, but you have accomplished it here. I’ve never met Ed Lipsman, but it appears to me that you have brought out his personality in the photo. Everything about it – the lighting, the posture, the depth of field – is perfect!

  2. Imagine how surprised I was this AM to see my cousin’s picture and novel on your blog. I am very proud!!!

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